The Laughing GameTM

The Kitchen Table

There we were sitting around the kitchen table again. We ran out of things to talk about and we had pretty much laughed ourselves silly. Now what? Let's make up another dice game! Nope. One of the girls had a slight headache and thought the dice would make too much noise. How about a card game? Sure. Why not.

You May Just Burst Out Laughing!

While brainstorming we considered many silly ideas. We determined that the best part of any of them was how much we laughed at any of them and how much we laughed at each other laughing at them. Let's make a game that's just about laughing. So we did. We all agreed that laughing is fun to do. Duh.

And There's More

It was so much fun that one deck was not enough. We kept adding new ideas and realized we would end up with a very thick deck of cards. So we decided to make 3 Series of decks. Up to six players can play with a single deck. Each series can be played separately or in combination with the other decks.

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