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"Brought great joy to our family room table that afternoon! We were all able to get the gist of the directions quickly and then it was a lot of laughing. Appreciate the joy that it brought." -- Carolyn S

"Great game! Directions were easy to use, even with add-on decks. One important thing for me was that my wife (ESL) would be able to play and with only a few translations. Great time for all of us." -- Mike S

"Very clever game. I love to find American games that I can play without having to have much translation. This game gave me that and brought me lots of laughs too." -- Ayu S

"Incredibly blissful! The directions were easy to figure out and starting to play was easy. We were having fun with very quickly. I hadn't thought until sitting down to play how many words there are describing laughs and that brought even more excitement to the game." -- Sarah S

"Wonderful game. Big hit at birthday parties for pre-teens. Also a good family game for when cousins or inlaws visit. Great ice-breaker. Thank you." -- Joe B

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